Nokia Mobile is extending the expiring warranties of phones by 45 days

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many consumers are finding it difficult to get access to the after-sales service for their products as the companies have suspended their services in most placed for the time being. Nokia Mobile is ensuring that they can still deliver on their promise of warranty terms by extending the warranty period for Nokia phones by 45 days.

As Nokia Mobile states, this will be valid to all warranties on both smartphones and feature phones that were due to expire between 15th March and 15th April 2020. But if consumers can find Online Repair and Return Services available at their place, they can still choose to book a pick up and then they should receive their repaired phone back within the timeframe outlined, especially for the consumers in Europe and the US.

Anyway, you can search here if the services are available at your place. Considering tomorrow is the 15th of April, this offer will probably be expanded.

Do not worry 😉 Nokia Mobile got you covered!