#Nokia 8 design patented. Another unknown device appeared at EUIPO

HMD Global continues to protect company’s intellectual property, mainly consisting of design patents. The patent that protects Nokia 8’s design was filed on the 2nd of February, and was registered and published today, September the 1st. The design number is 003736412-0001, with the designers being Jon Lister and Kevin Depape, same as with the Nokia 6.

Apart from the revealed Nokia 8 design patent, a new design patent with the number 004156446-0001 was submitted on the 21st August, and is off today registered and subject to deferment. Other details about this new patent are unknown.

Apart from the most recent one, HMD has at least 4 more unique design patents waiting to fully be made public. That means, that HMD is waiting for design IP approval for 5 devices, and it is reasonable to assume that the five are the recently refreshed Nokia 105 and 130, together with the unannounced smartphones Nokia 2, 7 and 9.

You can check all HMD’s IP by EUIPO here.


#Nokia 3310 design patent granted to #HMD by #EUIPO

#HMD granted design patents for #Nokia 3 & 5, too