Unboxing of the Nokia 5

After months of waiting, 6 months to be exact, I got the Nokia 5 in my hands. I took this one for my better half on contract with TELE2 and got it for €139 which is fair price for the specs of this phone. I was a bit excited to be able to unbox the Nokia smartphone again, since the last one of Nokia Lumia 830 was over 2 years ago. I must say that the box looks nice, sturdy and it gives all the needed info at the back. But, when you watch the box from the top, you can’t know that Nokia 5 is in the box since its name is written on the side of the box. But that handshake and Nokia logo do look great. But once you open it you lay your eyes on the very beautifully designed phone. Nokia 5 is slick, nicely shaped, rounded at the edges and it reminds me of Lumia 720. Actually, I think that HMD passed a bit of previous Nokia models into the new ones just to keep a touch with the legacy.

The phone I took is matt black but watch it since it is slippery and fingerprint magnet. Aluminum body feels almost like it is made from polycarbonate, since it doesn’t leave cold metal sensation in hand. I really love how the antenna s are hidden in the body. I could really go on, but then this wouldn’t be the unboxing. Under the phone you get the SIM tray pin, manuals and warranty. USB cable, wall charger and WH-108 headphones are packed separately next to the phone.

Here is a short gallery of the photos I took after the unboxing.


Check out the unboxing video below.

When you first start the device, you get “powered by Android” message and then Nokia logo backed up with Nokia tune. Device is pretty easy to set up and it will take you few minutes to log in with your Google account and mark, or unmark, everything needed. After you set up the WiFi you will be notified that the latest update is available and latest security patch which is nice.

The phone is meant for my wife since this could be ideal for someone that isn’t power user but needs great camera, apps as Instagram, Facebook, and for business which mean lot of e-mails and calls. Of course, I’ll be testing it for a few days and If you have any questions just ask and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can.