Nokia T20 disassembly by PBK

We already covered the disassembly of the Nokia T20 tablet, but PBK uploaded his video, and it deserves to be shared with the world. I am a sucker for a good disassembly video, and PBK does give you a nice angle on the whole process. He explains nicely what you need to do to disassemble the device, and he did a great video on the disassembly of the Nokia T20.

The first tablet from Nokia Mobile does seem nicely built, but some things make it affordable. You can find some taped flexible cables, and pull tabs of the battery that are useless to remove the battery. But, I didn’t expect to see the soldered connection with the speaker assembly. It would be much better to use flex cables there too.

PBK gave it 6.5 out of 10 for the reparability, which is not such a high grade. T20 does seem easy to disassemble and thus easily repaired. That means the repair guy will change the most breakable parts with ease. There is also a flex cable on the screen that can be easily replaced which is nice.

Anyways, do enjoy the video.