Nokia T20 disassembly and assembly videos

Nokia T20 is the first tablet from Nokia Mobile and the first tablet that carries the Nokia logo after Nokia’s own Nokia N1 launched back in 2014. Nokia Mobile started the new T series with an affordable tablet. They used some basic specs, which make it a tablet ideal for business or education.

T20 comes with a 10.36-inch 2K screen, which is ideal for reading, writing Word documents or going through PPTX presentations. Nokia Mobile used an octa-core Unisoc T610 processor backed by Mali-G52 GPU that some might find not so powerful for fluid work on the tablet, but I must say that I’m positively surprised how well the tablet behaves and performs all the tasks. The only thing that is not performing well is a camera, but who is taking pictures with a tablet. The main 8MP and front 5MP will be ideal for calls, Zoom and Teams meetings.

Another thing that is lovely about this tablet is its design and build. It weighs around 400g, but it is super nice to hold and still sturdy enough to survive bashing inside the backpack. TechnoRabin published a disassembly and reassembly video that shows the neatly stacked inside hardware.

The disassembly starts with heating the LCD screen that lays in the polycarbonate frame. To lift it from it you’ll need a suction clamp that raises the screen a bit so you can place the plastic pick and peel off the adhesive. Beneath the LCD you can see the large 8000 mAh battery and a motherboard above it.

It is interesting to see that all the hardware parts are embedded in the plastic frame which lays on top of the aluminium frame. Plastic and aluminium frame are making this tablet sturdy but still light enough for comfortable use.

The assembly starts by applying the adhesive tapes that will keep the battery in place. After that, you just need to put all the pieces and cables back like a little lego set, and you can glue the LCD display back.

Source Techno Rabin