Nokia Mobile ready to launch their first tablet? Certified in Russia

Nokia Lumia 2520

A day ago, on June 9, Nokia Mobile received two new certifications in Russia. One of the certification is about an unannounced Nokia phone with the model number TA-1400 and its spare parts. As of now, we are not sure if it’s going to be a smartphone or a feature phone.

Surprisingly, the other certification is for an upcoming Nokia tablet. However, the catch here is that the certification website shows the content in Russian and the sentence in question is “Портативный планшетный компьютер Nokia модели.”

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Translating the whole sentence using the Microsoft Edge translator, we get “Nokia’s portable tablet model,” but Google or Chrome translator has a different take and reads “Nokia laptop models.” To be on the safe side, we asked a few Russian-speaking people, including Nokia anew. They are of the view that it is a tablet.

Anyhow, off the translation turmoil, Nokia Mobile’s first tablet will have the model numbers TA-1392 and TA-1397. The company is using similar model numbers as its phones. Given that the Russian certifications appear much before the actual product release dates, we might not see the tablet very soon. That’s all the certification reveals about the Nokia tablet for now.

Nokia tablets have existed before in the form of the Nokia N1 and Nokia Lumia 2520. Nokia N1, an Android tablet announced in 2014, was the result of Nokia wanting to keep its name going in the consumer market after getting rid of its Devices and Services division. The Nokia Lumia 2520 running Windows RT came out in 2013 with limited availability when the rights of producing Nokia products were still with Nokia.

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Nokia also has a history full of canceled tablets with the codenames Vega, Illusionist/Mercury, Nokia Lumia 2020, a Nokia tablet operating on Meego, and possibly more that we never heard of. Right since its inception, HMD Global holds the license to sell Nokia tablets but has not made any use of that.

In 2019, Nokia anew suggested that HMD Global was working on products other than mobile phones, including a tablet and some wearables, but chose to cancel them at that time. Although, we do not really know the reason behind HMD Global’s change of mind, one of the likely reasons could be the demand for tablets in the enterprise market.

Nokia PureBook X14

The pandemic proved to be fruitful for the laptop and tablet market, with people preferring large screen devices since work from home became the new norm and the schools shifted to virtual classes. Last year, we saw Flipkart taking advantage as it became the exclusive Nokia brand licensee for laptops and launched the Nokia PureBook X14, which closed the opportunity for HMD Global to launch laptops, at least in India.

Currently, Nokia Mobile is utilizing the letters C, G, and X for its smartphones. It will be interesting to see which letter will Nokia Mobile use to market its tablets? Will it be the Nokia N series?

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Source: Nokia Tablet (TA-1392, TA-1397), Nokia TA-1400

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