Video: Unboxing of the Nokia 8 (Recombu)

After many of the portals published their hands-on videos of the HMD’s first Android top model Nokia 8, Recombu did the unboxing. The box is similar to those of the Nokia 6, 5 and 3, with characteristic handshake framed with the Nokia 8 itself. At first you can’t see that it is the 8, but you know that it is a Nokia phone. Again, you can’t know what is the colour of the device in the box since nothing gives it up. Maybe HMD could have printed the Nokia 8 on the side of the box in the colour of the phone. I loved to see ZEISS logo printed on the back of the box. It reminded me on the glory days ?

Inside the box there is manual, pin to open the SIM and microSD tray, charger and decent quality in-ear phones with additional earbuds of different sizes. Of course, there is the phone also ?.


It is funny that the first image to see when you start the Nokia 8 is powered by android, and then the iconic Nokia logo comes with the Nokia Tune.


Check out the video below:


Hvala Gagi na podsjetniku 🙂