Dive into the compact Nokia T10 tablet

Money does power a lot of things, but mostly it is love that powers the world, or just Nokiamob. Anyways, money surely won’t guarantee you a better life. Sure you’ll have nicer things, but the soul needs more than things. But, if you do have a lot of spare money, you can get yourself a nice tablet. If by any chance you don’t have it, you can get Nokia T20, or now recently an 8-inch Nokia T10 tablet.

Our Abdulla, one of the best Youtuber I personally know (I only know like three of them), did a nice hands-on video of the Nokia T10 tablet which Nokia Mobile announced in July. I still haven’t had a chance to play with the device, but after watching some videos of the device and since I trust Abdulla, I share most of his first thoughts on the device.

The only thought I don’t share is the purpose of having a weaker and smaller Nokia T20 version since there are other brands that already have filled that spot. However, this budget-friendly tablet could be ideal for those that need a tablet for educational or business purposes that is capable of doing basic stuff. Nokia T10 might be just that.

Check out the video to see if T10 can be used for gaming, or if you enjoy how I butcher the English language, continue reading the post.

Abdulla couldn’t do a proper unboxing video since he got it without a box, but we’ll sort that out after when HMD sends a retail unit. Without further ado, let’s jump on Abdulla’s first thoughts about the T10.

If you liked the Nokia T20 Tablet but wanted something smaller, more affordable, and that can also make phone calls, the Nokia T10 might seem right. The tablet comes with an 8″ IPS LCD Display, a 5250mAh battery and comes out of the box running on stock Android 12 which is nice of Nokia Mobile.


Nokia T10 share the looks with T20, but the body is made of a polycarbonate plastic build instead of the sandblasted aluminium. However, T10 seems to be sturdy enough. The edges are flat, and its waistline measures at 9mm. It only comes in one colour, ocean blue, which is the best if you ask me. The back is also textured, a bit similar to the G21 and G11 which adds a bit of extra grip. It’s a lot easier to keep clean too compared to the T20 because of this. Handling the device is pretty easy, and the 375 grams of weight are evenly distributed.
You can also buy it with an additional protective cover that can be used to make the tablet sit upright. On top of that, T10 comes with an IPX2 splash resistance rating, so accidental water droplets won’t harm it.

Hardware Tour

On the right there’s the USB C port, a microphone hole, and a loudspeaker, while the left houses the power button, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and the other loudspeaker. Speaking of which, the dual loudspeakers come with OZO playback for spatial audio separation. They sound good even at max volume, but like the T20, they just aren’t that loud. On the top to the left are the volume rocker keys. The bottom is where you’ll find the Micro SD slot and SIM card slot. Since you can get the tablet in either 32 gigs or 64 gigs memory configuration, an SD card might provide useful. The T10 unlike the T20, not only supports LTE, but also supports making and receiving phone calls.
On the back is a 5Mp rear facing camera, which is alright for just capturing pictures of documents and such and the occasional shot here and there, but nothing too exciting really.



On the front of T10 is an IPS LCD 8” display, and it comes with an HD+ resolution. That’s 1200 by 800 pixels, and a 16:10 aspect ratio. The quality of the display is alright, although this type of resolution definitely feels a bit stretched on such a size so do expect to see pixels when your display is still. Viewing angles are decent though and so is the contrast. Nokia corrected their mistake with the T20 and the T10 does come with widevine L1 certification, so you can enjoy Netflix for example in an HD resolution. There are sizable bezels on the right and left, and slightly smaller ones on the top and bottom which could be smaller but it is better to have them for easier handling of the device. Also, at the price of 160 USD, it is expected to have this kind of design.


The T10 comes with stock Android 12 out of the box. Face unlock works, but it isn’t super secure. The good is that this is a very lightweight software experience, so even with limited hardware power the tablet’s performance feels alright for day-to-day tasks. The bad is that there aren’t that many software features to make full use of the additional screen real estate. No edge shortcuts, advanced pen input, and so on.

There are 2 key software additions here: entertainment center which you can access by swiping to the left of your main home screen. Another addition is kids space, which is a safe environment for kids where you can choose which apps and games they can access and what features they can use on the tablet.

Most of the apps are not optimized for tablets so in many cases you’ll just get scaled up versions of phone apps, butthat still works and looks OK. You might use it for a secondary PC display, but T20 is probably better for that.


Inside T10 is the UNISOC T606 CPU, which is just an underclocked version of the T610 found on the T20. Performance is adequate for the most part on my 4 gigs of RAM version here, and should serve you well for web browsing, watching content, checking your emails, and for social media. This isn’t a very powerful chipset, but you can still do plenty of things with it if you’re patient enough. Even a casual gaming session should work well, just don’t expect to play games at anywhere close to their best graphical settings. I played Call of duty, asphalt 9 and dead cells, judge for yourself.
Like all other Nokia’s the T10 also comes with the promise of 2 years of OS updates and 3 years of security updates.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the Nokia T10 comes with a 5250 mAh battery. That isn’t very large by any means considering the size of this thing. But given the display resolution and power-efficient processor, you’ll be able to use the T10 for a full working day without any issues. That’s about 8-9 hours of screen time but remember that you’ll need to charge it over the night since all you are getting is a 10W charger



So, I could conclude that the Nokia T10 tablet is great for:

  • Casual usage
  • Having voice call support
  • Its portability and clean software experience
  • For watching content, whether that’s for your or your kids
  • For quick video calls if you don’t care about the video quality

You shouldn’t get it if you are a heavy-handed multitasker, need a better screen resolution, need a stylus and require high-end performance to be productive.

This is Abdulla’s quick dive into the Nokia T10. Do leave comments about what you think of the device and whether would you get it.