Evleaks reveals four more Nokia device codenames

After spreading the word about the codenames of four new Nokia devices back in August, Evleaks shares codenames of yet to be announced Nokia phones again. Last time he was rather right about the Nokia T20 “Riddler”, Nokia G50 “Punisher”, Nokia G300 “Aoki” and we are still waiting for Nokia X100 “Deadmau5”. Now he shares models names of yet to be announced Nokia phones, which are again based on musicians and Marvel characters.

We should be seeing Drake Lite, Weekend, Shadowcat and Waterworld. The last model name is a bit off here since I can only think of a Kevin Costner’s big post-apocalyptic movie that bears the name Waterworld.

The names could mean a lot, and the name is usually the omen, but it could also make us expect too much, which usually ends up with disappointment. The best is not to think about what the code names are hiding, but rather focus on the fact that four more Nokia phones are being made, and that we are all hoping for an affordable flagship that will take the place of Nokia 8.3 5G.