Four new Nokia devices revealed with interesting code names and model numbers

Nokia Mobile announced 15 new smart and feature phones since the beginning of 2021, and there is plenty of space for a few more. Nokia XR20 is definitely the most interesting device announced to this day, but we might be seeing soon some more interesting devices. Well, there are many leaks about the upcoming midranger Nokia G50, and even for a Nokia T20 or the first Nokia tablet after Nokia N1 back in 2016. The hardware specs of these devices are still a bit mysterious or at least unconfirmed, but their code names are even more.

Evleaks has added a bit more mystery to the whole thing by revealing model numbers and names of four new Nokia devices that should be announced soon or just after summer. The mysterious part is definitely new model names that resemble more to code names. Some of the devices are known already since the specs of the Nokia G50 and Nokia T20 or a 10-inch tablet leaked already from numerous places. Anyways, this is what Evleaks tweeted.

Interestingly, there is still a bit of Juho in two of the devices according to their codenames. Juho had a tendency of pulling internal code names for new devices from Marvel and DC universe. That is why the unannounced Nokia G50 is called Punisher (Marvel) and Nokia T20 tablet a Riddler (DC).

If those previously mentioned devices are Juho’s legacy, then newly developed devices could most probably be Nokia G300 which is internally referred to as Aoki, and Nokia X100, or internally known as Deadmau5. I really don’t know if G300 or X100 are model or code numbers but I do recognize some popular DJ names being used internally for new phones.

But, it could turn out that Aoki and Deadmau5 are some cool new speakers co-developed with JBL to honor JBL Play Up and Power Up BT speakers. I do remember that Nokia used to work with Deadmau5 in 2012 for the Lumia 920 #Switch campaign, and that was one of the best DJ performances I ever heard. I do hope to see another collaboration with Deadmau5, and with this DJ you never know what you are getting. Even when he is mention as the code name.

Here is just a short clip of the concert since the 35-minute one has been taken down.

If we find some new info about it, we’ll update the post, or write a new one. 


Thanks to all who tipped ;).