Nice camera comparison between Nokia N8 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Nokia started a revolution in the smartphone camera segment, and some of the best phones from its rich past are still able to create great photos. WillItBeatNokia Youtube channel posted another camera comparison video where he tried to find a winner in a duel between iPhone12ProMax and Nokia N8. The year gap between these two models is huge, a full 10 years, but the old Nokia N8 is still performing nicely. It is also interesting to see this video comparison since both iPhone and Nokia are using a 12 MP camera, but the pixels are slightly larger in the Pro Max camera sensor (1.75 vs 1.7um respectively).

While Nokia N8 can still win in some daylight photo comparisons, the lowlight photography progressed the most in the past 10 years, and that is where modern flagship smartphones are dominating. Also, Nokia used to push a bit more saturated colors on their phones in the past, and some might like that, but definitely, smartphones now do create sharper and more realistically looking photos.

Anyway, you might know the answer to the question that WillItBeatNokia always asks, but I do advise you to check out the video and see all the changes in smartphone photography that happened in a decade.


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