Nokia 4G feature phone (TA-1077) and smartphone (TA-1062) passed CCC?!

On Christmas this year, two unknown Nokia device, under the model numbers TA-1062 and TA-1077, passed CCC certification in China. These two model numbers appeared earlier this month in the database of another regulatory agency in China. Both devices support 4G, and we are not definitely sure if we are talking here about smartphones or feature phones.

The TA-1077, looking at the charger information (5V, 550mA) suggests it is a feature phone, while the TA-1062 (5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A) could be a smartphone, because of the support of fast charging. The model number TA-1077 didn’t appear in Bluetooth SIG together with the 4G feature phone under the model number TA-1047 (and 1060, 1056, 1079 and 1066), which is suspected to be a QWERTY 4G feature phone. It is possible that TA-1077 is the China-specific version of the 4G feature phone TA-1047 that also passed FCC, that revealed rather large dimensions for a feature phone. TA-1077 could be that device designated for China, or maybe a brand new 4G feature phone. We should know more about it soon, because the passing of certification process suggests that the announcement could happen soon.

The device under the model number TA-1062, that supports fast charging, is probably a new Nokia smartphone. It most likely isn’t another variant of Nokia 9 (TA-1042) or Nokia 6 2018 (TA-1054), but a new smartphone. It could be a successor of some current Nokia phones like the 3 or 5, or maybe a brand new smartphone (Nokia 1?). We are not sure, so it could turn out to be just another variant of the alleged 9 or 6 (2018) after all.

All in all, HMD is pushing a lot of devices through the certification agencies, which means we will have an interesting start of 2018. 🙂

Thanks VidMix for the tip. 🙂


source: CCC