Nokia Chronicles bringing Vertu back to reality

Instead of calling Abdulla and me, Aussies gambled and went bay themselves and talked a bit about Vertu. It has been a long time since we or anyone else talked about Vertu, and it is nice to see this iconic luxury brand of Nokia being brought back to attention. Vertu seems to be alive and kicking, and they are still making gold-plated, leather-coated, and ruby-decorated phones. There is now also a foldable Vertu if you can get a mortgage on your house. If you are interested in seeing a new Vertu phones, do check their webpage.

Adrian and Justin are going through the history of Vertu briefly and talking about some of the Vertu classics. Also, since both of them are broke, they were bagging f…ing Dean Pattrick to send them a Vertu phone. Well, I don’t know if that will happen, but if some sheik or a millionaire is reading Nokiamob on daily basis and has a Vertu phone sitting somewhere in a compartment of their Bentley continental gt, do a good deed and send it to Aussies.

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Anyone ever had a Vertu phone here (and why are you hanging here if yes is your answer 🙂 )?