Steps to check for updates on your Android 10 Nokia smartphone

Monthly security and other updates on Android One are excellent since security patches are making our phone secure, but it is turning our phone into a Windows PC. While updates are annoying on Windows, on our smartphones the experience is completely opposite. The installation is faster and can make our phone run better.

However, it is so annoying getting to the update page and check for the update availability. I don’t know what approach do you take to check for the updates, but I would usually scroll down the drop-down menu (2), click on Settings (3), scroll down to System (4), then go to Advanced (6) and there click on System update (7). That takes seven touches of the screen. With the Android 10 update, I found out that there is a quicker way to check for the update availability that takes only five touches of the screen. It goes by swiping the drop-down menu (2), then clicking on the Settings icon (3), then Security (4), and from there Security update (5). I could cut to steps by keeping a setting shortcut in the main screen, but then it would just take a space of one app. Check the gif below.

It’s noice innit. There are two ways to check for updates, but now there are two types of updates to check, the classic one and Google Play one :).
What are your steps to check for update availability?