Video: Nokia 8110 4G teardown by iFixit

iFixit, a popular site that reviews repairability of gadgets, and also offers manuals and tools for repairing, posted the teardown of the banana phone Nokia 8110 4G on YouTube. It’s quite interesting to see how everything looks inside, even though the 8110 4G isn’t a sophisticated device, but “just” a feature phone. Take a look at the video down below.


iFixit gave the 8110 4G an 8 out of 10 repairability score, mentioning that the device is simply built, battery is easy to access and replace, but the screen is tricky to replace because it requires the removal of front glass and some components, like the headphone jack, are soldered to the motherboard, so a full motherboard replacement is needed to fix, for example, a broken headphone jack.

We are still waiting for a Nokia 8 Sirocco teardown, about which I’m really excited, because 8 Sirocco is an impressively built phone – really thin, but sturdy.