Nokia XR20 high price leaks

The prices of mobile phones went up in the past few years to ridiculous levels. You could even buy a used car for a smartphone nowadays, and I still think that a used car for some folks can be more purposeful and contribute more to personal income. The super high prices of flagships can be justified in some small percentage, but the high prices of lower midrange phones really can’t.

The price of the Nokia X20 is currently at the same level as for Nokia 8.3 5G, which offers the user more by far. But, the price of a durable version of X20, the yet to be announced Nokia XR20, will be even higher.

Well, if we know that XR20 is the second waterproof Nokia phone that is made with MIL grade specs and can withstand falls, then the higher price is reasonable. But, Nokia XR20 is still a lower-end midrange phone which can’t be sold for £424.58 (VAT included). I don’t know where is this online store based or does the price represents the recommended one, but it definitely won’t create great sales. This is almost €500 and for that money, you can get phones with better hardware specs.

But, Nokia Mobile can keep the price high if Nokia XR20 turns out to be the best durable smartphone by reviewers since CAT and other durable smartphones on the market are super expensive and their hardware components are not that great.
Also, if Nokia Mobile does a nice bundle with XR20, for example, they pair it with Nokia Noise Cancelling Earbuds, then this price could be right.



Cheers Siddharth Bagmar for the tip 😉