Nokia Mobile extending partnership in India to manufacturers of electronic parts

Nokia Mobile, or HMD Global if you like, wants to devote a bit more focus on India and the Indian market. The Finnish startup started doing that by announcing special phone series that some of those would be exclusive in India. Later, that turned into a completely different idea of making or assembling Nokia phones in India. Nokia 5.3, for example, was the first Nokia phone assembled in India by Indian manufacturers, and it is not going to be the last. Indian manufacturer Lava will be one Indian company that will be making phones for Nokia Mobile.


Now they are taking that idea to another level. Indian Economic times in an interview with Sanmeet Singh Kochhar, vice president, HMD Global, found out that Nokia Mobile is creating a network of partners, and that the mear assembly is not going to be enough. Besides working with various original device manufacturers (ODMs), Nokia Mobile is searching for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) from Indian companies too. They are going to be working with partners to create internal components that are building the HMD’s capabilities for domestic and global supplies.
We can expect that phones and components are going to be manufactured by companies like Lava, Micromax, Karbonn, Dixon, and Optiemus. The mentioned companies were approved by the government to take the advantage of the production incentive linked scheme, which is bringing some benefits to their business.
This new deal means that Nokia Mobile will be able to manufacture phones at lower prices and bring more affordable 5G Nokia phones to the Indian market, which is still one of the most important markets for the Nokia brand. This will also help provide a better service of Nokia phones in India too since those EMS partners will not only be responsible for design, manufacture, test, distribution of the parts but could provide return/repair services for the phones.