HMD submits SIMLEY trademark for eSIM tech on Nokia phones?!

A new trademark that can be connected to be maker of Nokia phones appeared at the European Union Office for Intellectual Property. As spotted, and covered by GSMArena, the trademark SIMLEY appeared at EUIPO.

SIMLEY was submitted for protection on 23rd January and belongs to the categories of trademarks for SIM, eSIM cards, insurance/banking services via mobile phones and telecommunications services in general. We cannot be sure what SIMLEY exactly represents, because of the different fields it can be used in. Maybe the safes bet is something related to embedded SIM or in other words a chip inside the phone that represents the SIM card programmed by the operator.

The connection to HMD Global is that the same legal office that represents HMD at EUIPO also represents the owner of this trademark request. We will know the name of the owner of this trademark request once the “basic application fee” is paid. Considering it’s mobile technology, this most likely is HMD Global’s attempt to secure an IP, but we cannot be absolutely sure at this point in time.

Thanks Usernew54 for the tip. 🙂