Nokia Chronicles are bringing Daniel Rubino as a special guest

Aussie duo did it again. They just made Nokia Chronicles podcast series even better by bringing another special guest which is known to most as a Windows guy, but has a good insight in the Nokia affairs from 2010 till the very end of devices and Services department.

Daniel Rubino from Windows Central stopped for an hour and talked about what happened to Nokia and believe it or not he mostly blamed Microsoft for the brief exit of the Nokia brand from smartphone market. I really enjoyed listening to his point of view on the fall of Nokia, and enjoed even more in Rubino’s top five Nokia phones list since Lumia 720 is mentioned there.

Do check out the latest podcast from Adrian and Justin by clicking the picture below.

Also, Nokia Chronicles are available on Spotify, so you can listen to the podcast there or even on Google Podcast.


P.S. I thought highly about the Aussie duo till I saw they created a Wixsite webpage. God help them 🙂