Nokia Mobile to bring smartphone with Snapdragon 8XX after all

Nokia Mobile didn’t start the year great, but Nokia XR20 is surely a move in a good direction. But, a true affordable flagship Nokia smartphone or flagship light of some kind is needed to make Nokia fans, aficionados and users believers again :). OK, people are aware that profit is running the smartphone business, but a solid top range phone is necessary to revive the brand a bit and make it afloat. Also, the only flagship-like device Nokia 8.3 5G was released over a year ago, so it is time to bring its successor.

Evleaks tweeted that new Nokia phones are coming out of which some were confirmed by some “clumsy” retailers (and we are grateful, keep doing that!). But some new devices internally named after two great DJ’s (Aoki and Deadmau5) are coming too and not so much info is known except their model numbers. The letters and numbers G300 and X100 don’t reveal much, just make many people assume a lot, and we all know whose mother assumption is.

There has been some sporadic information about some kind of Nokia 8.3 5G successor coming later this year, but that story went quiet soon after. However, it seems that this particular story is not forgotten completely, according to the latest tweet from Nokia Anew. Russian Nokia community got info from their well-informed source that a Nokia phone with Snapdragon 8XX is really coming by the end of 2021. The source didn’t share the details about the processor, like its model number, but it did mention this phone being a successor of the Nokia 8.3 5G.

So, the specific processor model not being shared might suggest that SD888 is out of the question. Since that processor tends to overheat, maybe SD870 would be a better choice. It also comes with 5G connectivity and is still fast and probably a bit cheaper now. Since the successor of 8.3 is in question or a light flagship, folks won’t or shouldn’t be disappointed with the choice of processor.

Anyways, the processor is an important part of the smartphone, but not the one that will define its sales. A good display, camera, battery and a great design are also important, and whatever Nokia Mobile is bringing by the end of 2021, it better have all the boxes checked.

Nokia Anew