Nokia 5.4 compared with Poco M3, Redmi Note 9 4G and Galaxy A12

Nokia 5.4 is an interesting mid-range smartphone that Nokia Mobile has announced so far. It is definitely the best from the 5 series since it combines some software and hardware advances from the more expensive series of Nokia phones.

The capable 48 MP camera we saw before in Nokia 7.2 seems like a good choice, and the special Cinema mode from Nokia i8.3 is a nice addition too. Anyway, to truly know how good the phone is, one needs to check out the competition.

The always diligent Vy Vo Xuan did a nice comparison video of Nokia 5.4 and some of the competition with a similar or lower price range like Samsung Galaxy A12, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, and rather interesting Poco M3. All of the phones are launched in 2020, running Android 10, and are bringing interesting specs for its price range. While Nokia 5.4 is better in hardware than Galaxy A12, Poco M3 and Redmi 9 4G pretty much share the specs sheet with some slight differences like in the number of MPs of the selfie camera or mAh capacity.

The largest difference is the price here with Nokia Mobile asking more for its phone than the compared trio, but some things still might make you choose Nokia instead of the others. The first thing is the design, second the number of software updates which is a bit thin nowadays, and a slightly better front-facing camera.

But, before you make the final choice do check out the videos below.

Nokia 5.4 vs. Samsung Galaxy A12

Nokia 5.4 is better in this duel since Galaxy A12 is almost the entry level phone, but Samsung still managed to make it snappy. It is interesting to see how much better the camera algorithms of Samsung Galaxy A12 are.


Nokia 5.4 vs Poco M3

Poco M3 is an interesting affordable smartphone, with a nice hardware specs, but Nokia does seem to be a bit better tuned and the camera performs better according to the video.


Nokia 5.4 vs  Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G

Nokia does seem to be a better tuned up phone, with the main and selfie camera performing a bit better.


According to the videos above, Nokia does seem like a slight winner, but Xiaomi and other brands are taking its users by the aggressive pricing.