New Nokia smartphone variants N1374DL, TA-1368, and TA-1371 show up in certifications

Representational Image: Nokia X10

Before bringing any electronic product to the market, the companies usually need to get various certifications as per the requirements of the law in each country. HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, is all set to announce at least four new devices soon and has received the certification for some unknown model numbers.

Nokia Mobile altered the naming scheme of its smartphones a few months ago, and now it seems it is doing the same with the model numbers or at least has a new set of model numbers. Generally, it follows the TA-1*** (numbers) format. Even the upcoming Nokia Tablet sticks with the current format.

However, a new Nokia smartphone will be carrying the model number N1374DL and has now appeared in the IECEE database with an issuance date of June 23. The certification lacks any further information, but the device could be heading to Australia, New Zealand, and EU regions.

Another certification dated June 11 reveals a few more model numbers of the upcoming Nokia XR20. Russian retailers previously listed the TA-1362 model number, while the other two will be TA-1368 and TA-1371. The Nokia XR20 will be heading to ANZ and EU regions.

Nokia TA-1380 that we already saw with Bluetooth 4.2 on the BT SIG site, also received certification from CQC in China. It is a 3G smartphone coming with a 5 V, 1 A (5 W) charger. The details are similar to the Nokia C10 (TA-1342), but both are specified separately on the BT SIG site. So, TA-1380 could be the Nokia C1 2nd Edition that was spotted running Android 11 Go on the HTML5test site.

Then, there is the Nokia TA-1366 from the BIS database in India. The smartphone picked up the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification alongside the Chinese variant (TA-1388) of the Nokia C20 Plus. So, TA-1366 is possibly the international variant of the device.

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A few days ago, the arrival of Nokia XR20, Nokia 6310, and Nokia C30 was hinted at by Russian retailers. Now, it seems that the Nokia N1374DL and possibly the Nokia TA-1380 are also in the queue.

Source: Nokia TA-1366 BT SIG