Nokia TA-1380 (smart)phone got BT SIG certificate

Nokia TA-1380 is another affordable Nokia device with BT 4.2 that just passed the BT SIG certification process. This phone will be coming with a Unisoc processor, and its model number suggests it is a newly designed device.

Anyways, by checking the BT SIG document, two things were a bit odd. The device could be a smartphone or a simpler version of it since it is coming with a chip that integrates BT, WIFI, and FM. The software that will be running it is Sprdroid8.1_trunk _V1.0.0 or some kind of Android 8.1. There is also MocorDroid_Sharkle_V1.0. being mentioned for the hardware, which is the same that Lava feature phones with Android are using.

So, this Nokia TA-1380 could be some new version of Nokia C that also got spotted being certified or a long waited featurephone with Android. Based on what the Lava Connect M1 phone is bringing, TA-1380 is not something that you should be excited about, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing a phone that performs better than KaiOS running Nokia 2720 Flip and others.

Since the BT certification is done, this phone could be launched in the coming month or two. It will be interesting to see how it will perform and will Nokia Mobile make this kind of device more versatile than other companies are currently doing.


Chhers to Venkatesh for tipping us.


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