Plus is back, XR in low start, what is next, Nokia FE?

One of the reasons for Nokia Mobile to change the naming strategy was because buyers were lost in the numbers, decimal points, and pluses. by the process of careful planning and deductive thinking, we got the C, G, and X series which are now grouping Nokia smartphones to what they are representing and bringing to the end buyer.

The Nokia C series is the most affordable entry smartphone, G a trusty logrunner, and the X series the best that the industry can offer. But, it seems that old names are still alive and kicking since Nokia Mobile just launched Nokia C20 Plus in China. Well, the Chinese market has always been specially taken care of, and while the rest of the world was able to get 3, 6, or 7, people in China got the X series phone. It would be fair now for all of as that Nokia 8.1 gets rebranded to Nokia 7.1 Plus, which actually that phone is 🙂

All these new names make me wonder what Nokia Mobile is planning next, maybe some subseries of Nokia X20, for example, Nokia XR20 which is now live on Geekbench? Also, Nokia C1 2nd Edition sounds like a nice construct.


I like the previous scheme, but I was more for single numbers, and the differentiation would be done by years. The new series are pretty much just a tidier way to organize the unnecessary hyperproduction of new Nokia smartphones.

But hey, maybe now it is a good idea to announce Nokia X FE (Fan Edition), or even better Nokia X Nokiamob edition too. That would be a phone that all the followers of the brand deserve. What do you think guys, should we suggest to Nokia Mobile some reasonable specs and create a nice affordable midranger which can be crimsoned as a Nokia X FE edition :)?

We should balance cleverly between the end sum and hardware specs. Let us hear what do you think of this in the comments.