Nokia TA-1357 (or C30) passes FCC certification

Nokia model TA-1357 that has been identified previously as Nokia C30 has passed the FCC tests which could suggests its imminent announcement. The released document revealed the dimensions of the phone, some specs like supported network bands, and the battery capacity.

TA-1357 is not a big phone with the dimensions of 177.7 mm x 79.1mm, but it will be housing an SE681 battery with the capacity of 5850 mAh that should make it run at least two days.

There is also support for standard GSM and LTE networks, BT, WiFi 2.4 but the device doesn’t support NFC, which is something that you can’t expect from C series Nokia phones.

FCC certification suggests its arrival in the US, but Nokia C30 should also be available in Russia where it already got certified and probably in the rest of the world. With C30 in the game, I wonder who will go for C20 or C10.



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For more details, or if you want to try digging something else, check FCC.