Nokia G22 parts now available of iFixit

MWC2023 brought us some interesting new smartphones, some new flip and foldables, new smartwatches and even a new rebranding of a brand we all love/like. Nokia Mobile also brought its foldable phone to the event, Nokia 2660 Flip.

But there was another phone that caught a glimpse of some tech blog eyes. Nokia G22 might not be the best Nokia phone hardware vise, but it is a game changer in terms of self-repairability.

Nokia Mobile presented a phone that can be easily disassembled and reassembled, something like old Nokia Symbian running phones was able to do. Even the partnership with iFixit was announced and if you hit their pages, you can find official Nokia parts for G22 being offered there.

For the next five years at least you should be able to purchase Nokia charging port (18.99 GBP), screen (44.99 GBP), battery (22.99 GBP), and back panel (22.99 GBP) and replace it by yourself.

The manuals are also available on the iFixit site, and here too, and if you follow them exactly, the warranty won’t be voided.

You know what would be even cooler, if iFixit would offer a transparent back cover that would turn G22 into a uber-looking smartphone. This move would not only make it cool but offer some way of customization we had (and did) with old 3210 or 3310 and later with some other Nokia phones.