New 4850mAh and 5850mAh batteries from Nokia Mobile certified by TUVRheinland

Nokia Mobile might be preparing two new devices with big batteries, according to certification by TURheinland. The batteries that appeared there have capacities of 4850mAh and 5850mAh, and no current Nokia smartphones, as far as we know, have such battery capacity.

The smaller Li-Ion Polymer batter of 4850mAh has the model number P660, while the 5850mAh battery carries the model number SE681. Both were certified fairly recently – P660 on 7th April, and SE681 on the 2nd of April.

It makes sense to assume that these batteries will appear in some of the upcoming Nokia smartphones. Nokia Mobile already announced a bunch of smartphones this month, so maybe we will see the devices with the 4850mAh or 5850mAh battery closer towards the end of the year? Time will tell.