Official local Nokia Mobile web pages available for more countries

Nokia Mobile is slowly expanding to new markets and building the “infrastructure” needed to have a strong presence on the market. By infrastructure I mean support networks, official web pages and even the official Nokia Mobile webshop. Regarding support, I heard a lot of users (mainly from Asia) complaining about lack of parts for the new Nokia devices in service centers. That’s a topic for a different article, but it would be good if Nokia Mobile could secure a steady supply of spare parts, as well.

The region selector on got a new design and now is presented as the map of the Earth with 6 regions. Clicking on a region allows you to select a local market from that region. Apart from a new visual presentation, Nokia Mobile also added new regional official pages. A regional page for Croatia was added, and for other countries like Slovenia as well. I’m sure HMD expanded the regional websites in other markets, as well. To check if a page is available in your market, click here.

Thanks Marko for the tip. 🙂