New Nokia smartphones still using Marvel codenames

Nokia X20 Review
Nokia X20 Review

The codename is given to a smartphone while in the early stages of development. That name is used through the process till its very end, and even after the phone gets the official name. If you check the hardware components of your Nokia phone through spam apps like CPUz or DeviceInfo, you’ll find its codename hidden as the name of the board or a product.

Since 2019, Nokia Mobile was using names from the Marvel universe as codenames, and Nokia 8.3 5G was known as BabyGroot, Nokia 3.4 DrStrange, and so on. That way, the ex-CPO expressed his appreciation to Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel universe who passed in 2018. Now that Juho has left Nokia Mobile, and the naming strategy was changed completely, it is fair to wonder if the codenames were changed as well.

If you thought they are, you will be surprised to know, that they aren’t and that the latest Nokia devices are still having the Marvel-inspired codenames, which is kind of expected since Juho was still pretty much in charge when those phones were imagined.

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Anyways, the Nokia X20 codename is Quicksilver, while the Nokia X10 is called Scarlet Witch. These names are suitable for the phones since they are almost identical siblings.

Nokia G20 is codenamed Rogue, presumably from the X-man series, while G10 is named Ronin, which is a Marvel character from the Avengers, but slightly different than what we would expect.
I couldn’t dig up the codenames of the Nokia C series, but if you do know them, do leave a comment below.