Nokia 6 with wrong SIM tray noticed in Finland *Update*

After a problem with wrong SIM and SD card tray in Nokia 6 shipped for Russian market, similar problem happened in Finland.A few customers noticed that the wrong SIM tray was delivered with their Dual SIM Nokia 6 and one customer received the Nokia 6 with the charger meant for the USA market. Suomimobiili contacted two operators that are selling Nokia 6, DNA and Elisa, and HMD for a comment. Elisa responded that the incorrect phone has been replaced with the new one, and that the wrong charger their customer received will be exchanged for the right one. DNA answered that they didn’t receive any complaints from their customers, while HMD Global haven’t responded yet.

After all, it seems that the shipment of the Nokia 6 for the Finnish market wasn’t compromised fully and that the issue seems to be isolated. However, HMD doesn’t need this kind of problem now that they are being officially more than a month late with the arrival of the first Nokia phones to the markets. Arto Nummela was probably sacked because of all the problems in the production line. Nummela wasn’t the source of the problem, but he needed to go to shake things up.  Now, I hope that things are going to change for better, not just because of HMD Global, but also because of the Nokia brand.



HMD Global’s director of Nordic Business, Ossi Korpela, commented for the Suomimobiili regarding the problem with the Nokia 6 issue admittting that they are aware with the problem, but they heard about it just recently and that they didn’t receive any further notices about it from other markets. The inadequate SIM trays will be exchanged for the right one of anyone else experiences the problem.

Good to hear this!


Source Suomimobiili.