Nokia phones’ 2019 internal codenames based on Marvel superheroes

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Early this week, a big influence on world’s cinema and popular culture in general, Stan Lee, passed away. He was best known for (co-) creating some of the most popular superheroes we read about in comics or watch in movies, like the Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spiderman and others; and led Marvel to become one of the biggest multimedia corporation it is today.

The work of Stan Lee is strangely related to Nokia phones, as was revealed by HMD’s CPO Juho Sarvikas on Twitter. Nokia’s 2019 smartphones are internally codenamed after Marvel superheroes. So, we shouldn’t be surprised if leaks about Nokia Spiderman, Nokia Hulk, Nokia Deadpool or other superhero Nokia phones appear in the coming months.

Usually the term “hero” phone represented what we now call as flagship and phones that show the best of a company at a certain price point. The definition is mostly based on what different publications referred to as a “hero” phone or product. For example, the Lumia 900 was called a hero phone by Nokia and Microsoft. Giving every Nokia phone scheduled for 2019 a superhero name maybe suggests that we could expect a significant upgrade from the 2018 lineup, as we saw in some sense with the 2018 lineup compared to 2017 lineup.

It’s also interesting to remember that 2013 Lumia phones had their internal names inspired by James Bond movies, like Goldfinger and Moneypenny. The current Nokia Androids don’t have such cool codenames – for example, Nokia 6 was Plate, while the 6.1 was Plate2. Nokia 3 is “Essential”, Nokia 5 is “Core”, with the 7 Plus being “Onyx” (onix is a cool Pokemon). The 8 Sirocco was called “Avenger”/”Avatar“, while the 8110 is “Argon”.


The most awaited Nokia phone today, and the wait reminds me of the wait for a “real” PureView Lumia device in 2013, is codenamed “Olympic” and is rumored to have a penta-lens camera setup. Olympic is a great codename for a penta-lens phone considering there are 5 rings in the logo of the Olympic games.

Anyways, HMD decided to give their upcoming Nokia phones cool codenames, and we just hope they will live up to the name of the heroes, the great Stan Lee created, they carry. If you have any thoughts about the codenames or you remember some cool Nokia codenames from the past, leave it in the comments down below.

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Thanks Deadpool for the tip. 🙂