Check out Nokia 7 Plus in unreleased blue/copper color variant

Nokia mobile is known to experiment with many color options while making a new smartphone, and then just releasing an end product with just one or two colors on the market. If you check Nokia 8, or even better example Nokia 9 PureView, you could remember that those phones would pop up on some reviews or hands-on videos in many different colors.

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But the versions that dominated the maker were gray and blue for Nokia 8 and just blue for Nokia 9. I think that even Nokia 8.3 5G was planned in copper. The reason behind this is not in the lack of resources, but more likely a suggestion of the market research that the bronze color of the Nokia 8 wouldn’t be so popular.

One of the best phones that Nokia Mobile announced, the Nokia 7 Plus was released in black and white with a copper accent of the aluminum body. I loved that phone from the moment I saw it and was super sad for not finding a white version of it. But, many probably don’t know, I included, that Nokia 7 Plus was also made in blue/copper color, which never got a chance next to the chosen color palette.



I wasn’t aware that blue color was considered for that model, but after checking it closely, I understand why. The phone looks perfect in white with copper and super stylish in black with copper, and the whole lineup was already coming in black with a copper accent, so the blue version never saw the light of a day. Actually, Nokia 6.1 was available in blue/copper, but obviously, that color option never worked well for 7 Plus.

Well, now after checking it more closely, it doesn’t look bad. What do you think of this color option of the Nokia 7 Plus?