While talking of future designs, Miika Mahonen flashed everybody with Nokia 8.3?

Nokia tweeted today an interesting video which was done in collaboration with Beebom, a media company that covers all tech news.

Beebom had an idea of finding out what different age groups of people think a future smartphone will look like. Is the phone of the future going to be a bendable device, will it be a wearable, integrated into our body, or still a portable gadget, but with a bunch of integrated sensors, which will make it resemble a Star Trek tricorder?

Anyway, the idea is great and Beebom called Nokia to help them answer some of the questions. Pranav Shroff Global Portfolio & Product Planning at HMD Global and Miika Mahonen the Principal Designer at HMD Global came to help and explain what the future devices look like, and what is driving the new design forms of smartphones.

However, while their conversation was valuable and informative, the best part of the video was when Miika showed a bit of a new Nokia device in copper color. The only new Nokia device in a copper color that we know of is Nokia 8.3 and based on a rather small revelation of the device’s surface, it looks cool. This happened in the seventh minute of the video, and Pranav’s facial expression is priceless. The phone seems to be rather large, but that shiny polished copper body makes it look great. Remember how great Nokia 8 looked in copper? This color continued popping up in almost all of previous Nokia smartphones (Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1), but was excluded in the x.2 series. Now it is finally being brought back to increase the sales rate of Nokia 8.3.

So, what do you think the future mobile devices will look like? Do share your ideas in the comments.