Nokia 9 PV getting April security patch

Nokia 9 PureView, the ultimate Nokia device and one of the first smartphones to bring 5 cameras at the back, started receiving an April security update. Nokia Mobile released the patch that has just 6.54 MB.

The update should be available worldwide but definitely is available in Bulgaria thanks to Roumens tip.

This makes Nokia 9 PV the fifth Nokia device to get the update, and the second to just get the April security patch according to the Update Tracker.

April is slowly coming to an end, and Nokia Mobile now has just 10 days to deliver Android 11 to most of its devices, as mentioned by Adam Ferguson in a Q&A session before the announcement of new Nokia devices. This doesn’t mean that Nokia 9 PV will be getting it, but it would be nice for the flagship to get it.

Cheers to all for the tip 😉