Vote for the new icon for HMD’s upcoming Nokia support app redesign

The Nokia Support app has recently been updated with new visuals and HMD is constantly improving the app to make it an even better companion for your Nokia Android phones. On the Community Forums the company opened a thread for members to vote on a new icon for the Support app. The description of the thread suggests that HMD will soon do (another) redesign of the support app.


HMD’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas also tweeted about this poll, urging fans to vote. All the designs have the a blue accent color, which is good, because blue is Nokia’s color and the icon include notched, full screen and phones with in display earpiece and camera. If the icons are some kind of teaser, could we expect fully bezels and “in-screen camera” displays from HMD? 😉

If you want to cast your vote, head to the community forum HERE. It’s nice to see HMD interacting with the community on different issues and I’m sure we will have more of that.

From the ones above, I pick A. What’s your pick? Do you have any other suggestion for improving the support app?