Nokia X20 and X10 disassembly and assembly video

After uploading the maintenance and (dis)assembly video guide for Nokia G20, the Techno Rabin Youtube channel uploaded the disassembly and assembly guide for technicians. It is always nice to see the inside of the phone you are buying, and for me to see how the internal components are arranged and put into the place.

Here is the disassembly video first:

From the video, you can see that the manufacturing approach for Nokia G20 and X20 are pretty much similar. Once the adhesive is warmed up, the backplate can be taken out by a suction cup. Two inner plastic covers are screwed to the aluminum frame and protect the motherboard and bottom speaker, USB-C port, and microphones.

On the motherboard, you can notice a copper sheet that dissipates the excessive heat from the processor. It is strange to see it there, but since Aluminum frame is engulfed in polycarbonate, this is probably the best way to cool down the device.

Nokia X20 – Heat copper sheet

Nokia X20, together with X10, also seems to be quite easy to disassemble, which is something that both JerryRigEverything and technicians will appreciate. But, for safety reasons, they should also check the assembly video too.

Also check the assembly video of Nokia X10 which is the same as Nokia X20.

Cheers to Techno Rabin for the tip 😉