Nokia 1.4 passes Bluetooth SIG

Nokia Mobile announced the Nokia 1.4 this month, that already went on sale in some regions like Australia, UK, UAE and others. The device comes with a noticeable specs upgrade from it’s predecessor, while retaining the same affordable starting price of around 100 euro.

Today, Bluetooth SIG published the new Nokia 1.4 in following variants on their website: TA-1322, TA-1323 and TA-1329. The certificate confirms Bluetooth 4.2 standard, as is mentioned on the device’s official webpage. Usually phones come a bit before announcement through BT SIG (at least the results are published before), but not this time. It doesn’t mean the Nokia 1.4 started selling without needed approvals, but rather that the results weren’t public until the device was announced. Take Apple for example, FCC and other certification agencies usually publish Apple-related certificates right after a new Apple product is announced.

In any case, if you’re interested in this, you can find all the data about the 1.4 and mentioned variants at Bluetooth SIG.