Micro review: Protect your floor with Terrapin Accessories silicone masks for Nokia 6 and 8

Good guys from Terrapin Accessories have sent us silicone and hard silicone covers for Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 for a test. Those are maybe more suitable for people that don’t like those fatter wallet covers or just plain flip cover masks.

Transparent silicone masks come also in darker color which goes well with copper, silver, blue and black Nokia 6. The feeling in the hand is nice and skin is quite durable. Since it is transparent you can flay with it during night and make it glow ?.

Masks are a bit elevated, so they provide good Protection for the screen when you leave your phone on the flat surface with screen facing down. Side buttons are not so elevated, but it is quite easy to feel them. After over two weeks of using the transparent silicon mask, the color didn’t change, and it still looks quite nice. But, I must complain a bit since mask doesn’t fill well all around the phone. At the right side of the phone it is a bit off, enough to notice it, but doesn’t make problems during usage. I don’t know why is it that way, but Terrapin should fix this.

Full colored masks fit the phone perfectly. Interestingly, those are used with the flip cover cases that I reviewed recently. I must say that this cover is not visually attractive, but it will provide great protection of the phone. Another thing I don’t like about these masks is the elevation of the side buttons as I mentioned before when reviewing the flip covers.

Heavy duty silicone mask is maybe the least attractive one, but since it is used to protect your phone in harsh conditions, it looks quite nice. It fits the phone perfectly even though is a bit off at the bottom. The edge of the mask is elevated higher than on other masks, so it will protect the screen of the phone when placed down on the rough surface even better. Side buttons are elevated nicely, and are pressed easily which is commendable. If you drop your phone with this mask on, only the floor will be in trouble.

Terrapin has send me the same cases for Nokia 8, but since I don’t have one with me I’ll test it when it arrives again.


Overall, Terrapin Accessories are making great replacement covers for the latest addition of the Nokia smartphones. There are few things that could be fixed, but you’ll enjoy them and have your phone protected which is most important after all. I must say that the Nokia 6 looks the best in clear gel cases. Terrapin is shipping all around the world, and to find out more about the shipping charges go to their webpage.

Prices for the masks are as follows:

Nokia 6 Transparent Gel case £5.59

Nokia 6 Gel Case £5.59

Nokia 6 Fiber Gel Case £6.99