Nokia 8 got the bug free Camera app update

Nokia Mobile finally released a new camera app for the users of Nokia 8. This app should be functional since the last one gave a lot of trouble for the owners of undeservedly forgotten first light flagship Nokia phone. Anyway, you all know that at the #BringItOn event held in India, Nokia Mobile announced a new camera app for all the ZEISS branded and unbranded Nokia smartphones. This app brought some improvements in the UI and some new options for selected smartphones and finally should improve the first ZEISS branded Nokia smartphone. That didn’t happen since Nokia Mobile unintentionally sent wrong camera APK to Nokia 8. They stopped the release after 10% of the rollout.

Nokia 8 wasn’t the only phone affected by the nonfunctional app. Our Nokia 6.1 (TA-1043) got the new camera app that was so buggy that I needed to uninstall it. After doing so, the app update vanished from the Google Play and is still not available for it.

Anyway, the new app is there, and people are saying that it is working fine now. All options should be there, but since we don’t have Nokia 8 anymore, I can’t see if everything is working well or not. Some are saying that the camera focuses much better now.

Your help, dear owners of the Nokia 8, would be much appreciated so you could say to the rest of the people if there are some issues or everything is working well.


Thanks Sunny and everyone else for the tip 😉