Nokia G20 disassembly and assembly video goes live

The Youtube channel Techno Rabin uploaded the first disassembly and assembly videos of newly announced Nokia smartphones. The first device to get disassembled and reassembled in the video is Nokia G20, the best of the two midrange class smartphones that Nokia Mobile presented.

The phone feels like it is fully made of polycarbonate, but actually, there is an aluminum frame in its core that will make the device strong as a brick. To get to it, the mobile phone repair technician will heave to heat the back of the phone to loosen the glue that holds it. Nokia made it really easy to take the battery out since it is attached to the aluminum inner frame with an adhesive strip, which is commendable.

After taking some screws off, the motherboard becomes easily accessible and can be removed quickly. The tricky parts to remove are the antenna cables and buttons on the sides of the phone, but everything seems quite easy to disassemble, which is something that technicians and JerryRigEverything will appreciate.



In case you are a phone repairman, do check out the assembly video just in case you wouldn’t end up with some spare parts.


The phones made today are nothing close to the phones made 15 years ago when the only tool you would need was a guitar pick and Torx screws to disassemble and reassemble them. I truly miss those days when you could get a spare motherboard or even a screen and change the parts at home.

Cheers to Techno Rabin for sharing these videos!