New Nokia smartphone variants TA-1356 and TA-1352 certified by TÜV

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With just above 15 days to go for the launch event on April 8, Nokia Mobile is busy gathering the essential certifications for its upcoming devices. Not a single device has been spotted on FCC US this time, which is strange, but TÜV continues filling FCC’s voids.

Another Nokia smartphone with the model numbers TA-1352 and TA-1356 was certified by TÜV in its Singapore facility on March 19. It has been listed under two product classes, i.e., a smartphone and IT and business equipment. Although TA-1356 is a new model, the TA-1352 was certified with eight other Nokia phone variants in Russia about a month ago.

Compiled below is a list of all the model numbers that have emerged so far on the certification sites and retailer listings:

Nokia C20 is also planned for a sooner launch as per the HTML5 test, but its model numbers are not known yet. It could be one of the unknown smartphones or among the unnamed models, or maybe none of those.

With that, it is safe to assume that there are at least four Nokia smartphones and possibly a few feature phones, including one from the Nokia Originals series. Again it depends on Nokia Mobile whether it will announce that many devices altogether, or will it save some models for some other time?