Nokia XR21 currently priced reasonably in the us (promo code inside)

The Nokia XR21 didn’t win my heart upon its announcement. I thought the device represented a certain downgrade when compared to what the XR20 was bringing to the market.

However, I started to like the device quite a bit, and now I find it to be a good everyday companion. It boasts a strong battery life, a plethora of sensors that are useful for outdoor activities, and excellent main and selfie cameras.

I briefly went back to the XR30 just to see if I was missing something, and I must admit, I have a soft spot for its AMOLED screen and the front-facing fingerprint reader. However, rugged phones probably can’t afford such luxuries because LCD displays could tend to be more resilient to falls, and fingerprint sensors on the front might be more susceptible to dirt interference. This is just my speculation, and I hope that the XR22 or XR30 will incorporate these features in the future.

Nevertheless, the Nokia XR21 is arguably the best-designed rugged phone currently available in the market. It doesn’t come cheap, but Nokia Mobile is currently offering a significant discount on the device, albeit only in the US. If you visit their US web store and select the Nokia XR21, which now costs $449.99, and apply the promo code RUN23, you can purchase the XR21 for $349.99, which is approximately €333, a rather attractive price for this device.

Check out the offer today and enjoy your outdoor adventures with the XR21.

Thanks AI Reviewer for the tip ;).