Nokia Mobile to launch new Nokia C20 with Android 11? Appears on HTML5 test

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Nokia Mobile’s second letter series in smartphones, the Nokia C series, was unveiled in December 2019 with the Nokia C1’s launch. The smartphones in this series are mainly meant to target the budget segment.

The Nokia C1 was succeeded by the Nokia C2 in March 2020, Nokia C3 in August 2020, and Nokia C1 Plus in December 2020.

Now, as per an HTML5 test report, Nokia Mobile is already prepping to reveal a new C series smartphone that will go by the name Nokia C20. The proximity in the name of the upcoming Nokia devices and the already available devices under other brands continues.

After the mix-up between the Nokia G10 and Moto G10, the Nokia C20 will instantly remind most people of the Realme C20 that came in January this year. Anyways, getting back to the test report. With Android 11 as the OS, the Nokia C20 managed to score 522 out of 555 points based on the Chrome 87 browser.

Interestingly, the testing site also mentions the screen size as 412 x 915 px (pixel), and it is worth mentioning that it is not the actual screen size of the device but the viewport size. Viewport size is the size of the screen used by a browser to display the web contents without the address (URL) bar and all kinds of buttons and other bars.

I have attached a picture below that shows the viewport of a desktop browser. In case you feel like testing the viewport size of your device, head here.

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And that’s all the HTML5 test reveals about the new Nokia C20. For some reason, Nokia Mobile likes to do solo launches for its C series smartphones, maybe because of the lack of traction. However, the leap from C3 to C20 seems pretty big, and this time the company might decide to include the Nokia C20 in the group launch with the other devices on April 8.

So, Nokia G10, Nokia X20, Nokia C20, and what else?

To check Nokia C20’s detailed HTML5 test scores, click here.