Rumor: Nokia Mobile to bring back Nokia 3650

While the first Nokia smart devices announced by Nokia Mobile were great, the spotlight was taken by the comeback of the Nokia 3310. That maneuver was a great marketing success, and Nokia Mobile continued doing it by announcing at least one new member of the Nokia original series every year. After the announcement of the Nokia 3310, we saw the Nokia 8110 4G, the remake of the banana phone, and later the Nokia 2720 flip.

The design originality of some old Nokia phones is a source of constant inspiration for Nokia Mobile. That was an obvious reason for Nokia Mobile to start pushing more Nokia Original series phones per year, and so got a nice looking Nokia 5310 and Nokia 6300 in 2020.

Now, many are wondering what original Nokia phone is going to be revived this year. Many were hoping for Nokia N95, and even Juho Sarvikas showed the working prototype of a modern N95. But, according to Russian, Nokia Mobile is planning on bringing back something completely different. If the source is right, we might be seeing the Nokia 3650.
That phone was originally announced back in 2003 when phones were looking much cooler than today. It had a VGA camera at the back, a weird looking body, rounded at the bottom part where a circular keyboard with an unusual key arrangement was fitted in.

The source doesn’t know much about the device except its existence. We don’t know if Nokia Mobile will make it the same nor keep its circular keyboard with that strange key arrangement.

Wait a minute, does this mean that Symbian might be back to? 🙂

Via Suomimobiili