Nokia 6.4 is not to be followed by Nokia 7.4 according to Strax

Strax is the official partner of Nokia Mobile for the manufacturing and distribution processes of Nokia accessories. Strax signed the deal last year and on their webstore, you can find the official accessories available, and some common accessories for future models.

While Nokia G10, Nokia X20, and Nokia C20 are not being mentioned, Nokia 6.4 is. The question is why would the Nokia Mobile’s official partner put the name of yet unannounced smartphone on its webstore, and where is the Nokia 7.4. Last time Nokia 6.2 was accompanied by Nokia 7.2, and this time that might not be the case.

The answer to the first question could be they are careless, and the answer to the second could be that Nokia 6.4 is the only mid-range smartphone to be announced at the April 8th event. It does make sense not to announce the new Nokia 7 now if there is a slight chance that MWC2021 will be held. There is that thing Abdulla started in its video about the new naming scheme and that G might represent the new Nokia 7, but somehow I don’t think that the MediaTek P22 processor will be featured in the series 7.

Maybe the Nokia 6.4 is the old name and the new one for series 6 will be X since it is the letter that usually marks the spot, this time the center spot of all Nokia phones :). After all, maybe we’ll be seeing the new Nokia 9 accompanied by C, G, and X phones, while Nokia 6/7 might come at the end of Q2…

I might be overthinking a bit, and I wonder what is your opinion on this.