Check out great concept of a modern Nokia Lumia phone

We usually don’t push concept devices since we like to keep it real, but this concept device we would love to see it becoming a reality. The snowy white, or in Lumia yellow and Nokia Cyan, this concept looks great. It is most likely based on one of the best looking Nokia Lumia devices, Lumia 925, but the design is refined to perfection. It suggests using the side fingerprint scanner, has thin bezels, and grippy backside made of polycarbonate. The screen is slightly curved and disappearing into the ceramic frame which should be scratch proof. I would personally lose the bezels on top and bottom and move the earpiece at the top of the frame so the screen would be covering the front completely. I also like the slightly raised and elongated camera module with two cameras and an LED flash inside.

The question here is whether Nokia Mobile should go back and make a modern version of Lumia phone that would be running Android, or keep using bits of the past design and place it in new devices like pillowy feel Nokia 7.2 brought. How do you like it?

For more photos of this concept, check here.

Kudos to the designer Feng Feng, hope Nokia Mobile hires you. Cheers to mehmet for bringing this one up 😉