Nokia to launch two new Smart TVs by StreamView, reveals Bluetooth certification

On March 5, StreamView was given the Bluetooth certification for its seven Nokia Smart TVs that it has been selling for over three months in Europe. The size of Nokia Smart TVs in Europe starts at 32-inch and ranges to 75-inch. On March 15, the product certification list was refreshed with three more Smart TVs, or at least two new Smart TVs.

The new ones have the model numbers 2400A, 3900A, and 4300B. Not sure if the 4300B model is a new one or just a sub-variant of the already available 43-inch Smart TV. If we follow StreamView’s method of choosing the model numbers, then the 2400A should be a 24-inch Nokia Smart TV, while the 3900A should be a 39-inch Smart TV.

StreamView provides Ultra HD panels starting from its 43-inch model, and the 32-inch model comes with a Full HD panel. Hence, the 24-inch model will most probably have a Full HD display as well. Based on the cost of the 32-inch and 43-inch models, the 24-inch Nokia Smart TV might cost less than €369.9 ($442, ₹32000), while the 39-inch model might be priced somewhere between €369.9 and €499.9 ($597, ₹43270).

The 24-inch model will be the smallest among all the Nokia Smart TVs that are selling in Europe, or even the ones that are available in India. StreamView is marketing its Nokia Smart TVs with Bluetooth 4.2, but the Bluetooth certification does not agree with it and states that the TVs have Bluetooth 5, although Bluetooth is more likely to be wrong.

Even so, it’s good that StreamView is expanding its portfolio as well as the availability, as the Nokia Smart TVs were recently made available in Denmark and Finland. In case, you want to read our review of the Nokia 43-inch Smart TV, click here.