Nokiamobile: Nokia smartphones coming worldwide in June?!

HMD Global is aware that there are many Nokia fans and that is why they boldly stepped into the revival of the Nokia brand and are willing to bring Nokia branded smartphones to market. Now, it has been over two months since Nokia 6, 5 and 3 together with the legendary 3310 (2017) have been unveiled to the world and we still haven’t seen them. Actually, Nokia 3310 has appeared in some markets and is available in many places around the world. But, smartphones are what most of the Nokia fans want and are eager to buy. Nokia 6 is definitely going to be the most wanted smartphone since it brings great design, quality and pure Android for a low price.

If you ask Nokia Mobile social accounts about the arrival of the Nokia 6 and others, they will give you the usual answer, Q2 between May and June. May is almost over and most likely we will see the devices in the first weeks of June. And, we can tell that from unusual answer on Twitter where June was precisely specified as the month of arrival. Again, no precise date was given, but many sellers in Croatia mentioned that we’ll probably see Nokia 6 and the company in the first weeks of June.

So, if you are not in a hurry, be patient for just a few more days. And, HMD Global please finish up carving the Aluminum 6000 blocks and release the built-up pressure ?.