New range of Nokia Smart TVs announced in India to suit every pocket *UPDATED PRICE*

Nokia Technologies and Flipkart today announced a new range of Nokia Smart TVs for the Indian market. The Nokia brand for TVs is exclusively licensed to Flipkart in India, that handles the production and sales of Nokia-branded Smart TVs. Flipkart already announced the first Nokia Smart TV with Android in 3 sizes, and today a new version of the TV is joining the portfolio in 6 sizes.

The most affordable model has a 32″ diagonal and HD resolution (1366 x 768 pixels), with a retail price of 19,999 INR (231 euro, 272 dollars) 12,999 INR (150 euro, 177 dollars). The TV, just like the rest of the announced models, comes with Sound by Onkyo audio technology with “6D Sound”, while the first generation of Nokia Smart TVs featured JBL sound. The TV runs Android 9 out of the box and has Google Assistant.

The next in line is a 43″ model with FullHD resolution that is priced at 39,999 INR (462 euro, 544 dollars) 22,999 INR (265 euro, 313 dollars). There are four models with 4K panels and sizes that include 43″, 50″, 55″ and 65″. The price of these models is set from 45,999 INR to 79,999 INR 28,999 INR to 59,999 INR. The 4K version has its product page on as well, with specifications likeĀ 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and a quad-core CPU also mentioned.

To find what TV suits you best, I recommend going to Flipkart and comparing the TVs one to each other (using the compare option on the site) to check all the details.

The sale of the new TVs starts on 15th October.

via: Flipkart

Update: The correct (discounted) prices go as follows:

  • 32 inch (HD): Rs.12,999
  • 43 inch (FHD): Rs.22,999
  • 43 inch (4K): Rs.28,999
  • 50 inch (4K): Rs.33999
  • 55 inch (4K): Rs.39,999
  • 65 inch (4K): Rs.59,999