Bond Kevlar case for Nokia 5.3 also appears in German webstore

Nokia Mobile is the official partner of the new James Bond movie No time to die. The partnership was announced last month, with the new Nokia 5.3 also being scheduled to make an appearance in the movie that was delayed till later this years. Besides Nokia 5.3 being the James Bond phone, Nokia Mobile also announced two Kevlar 007 cases for the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2.

Recently a Dutch store posted a listing for an official 007 Kevlar case made for the new Nokia 5.3, something Nokia Mobile has yet to announce and something about which our official contacts aren’t aware of it exists. That there is a strong possibility of a 007 case for Nokia 5.3, confirms a new listing for the case but from Germany. The price in the German mcbuero store is around 20 euros, which is more in line with the prices of Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 cases, compared to the 35 euro price tag in the Dutch store.

Having another James Bond case makes sense, considering Nokia Mobile is the partner of the movie and accessories make a good way to earn money for the company, and, more importantly, consumers want cases. Some manufacturers include a case and screen protector out of the box (Nokia 7 plus and some other Nokia phones had that as well), something that Nokia Mobile could consider on newer models as well. Just like broadly available accessories like Earbuds, wireless charging support, etc.